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What is HD?

Hypnotika Diet (Lovingly nicknamed ‘HD’) is a wellbeing programme put together by a team of experts designed to modern day life.

If you want to:

  • Improve Eating and Exercising Habits
  • Understand nutrition
  • Get Fit when it suits you
  • Lose weight
  • Become healthy
  • Understand how to feed the whole family

Then this programme is for you. It is a collection of downloadble meal plans, audios, activities, games and more, ready to go in one easy to use pack.

Still unsure? Read the success stories from those who have purchased the programme and use it today.



I am writing because this programme has changed my life for the better in a very short space of time. I have always struggled to lose weight and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes…



It has been a few months since I started my weight loss and during that time I lost someone very close to me. It is during times like these that I would eat anything and everything in sight, as I always had been an emotional eater. ….


The sessions created a radical changed in my life.I thought I was never going to be able to change, since I had tried other methods before. The programme helped me to change and feel in charge of my life again, full of enthusiasm and will power….

What Are Your Needs?

Your desire, need and want to be healthy, active and have balanced wellbeing is unique to you. However, you are not alone in wanting these things. From the hundreds of women we have helped, we have come across many stories and problems.

Do any of these sounds like you?

I Stress Eat!

What to loose weight?
Is this you? Listen Now
‘I want to be slimmer and healthier without dieting.‘I’ve always considered myself quite health-conscious. I know which food is healthy and which isn’t without following a diet plan , but I still struggle with stubborn cravings that threaten to push me off the wagon. I wish I could just like healthy food in the same way I like treats. I wish I could say reached for an apple in times of stress, instead of something overindulgent. Since having children, it’s been hard to keep the weight off too’... Read More...

I Don't Understand!

What to understand nutrition?
Is this you? Listen Now
‘I want to be slimmer and healthier without dieting. I have some understanding of what I need to do to stay fit and healthy, and I’m eager to learn more, but I really need to kick the cravings and find better ways to deal with stress before I can move forward. When it comes to putting nutritious meals together, I don’t always feel I get it right, and getting my children to eat fruit and veg can be a bit of a battle too. It’s not like just putting healthy food on their plates always does the trick'... Read More...

I Try so Hard!

What to keep active?
Is this you? Listen Now
I want to be slimmer and healthier without dieting. It’s the right time to make changes, inside and out, but I don’t want to count calories and follow a meal plan, I want to take control. I’d love to have the know-how to just whip up tasty, healthy meals in ten minutes, but right now, it feels like a choice between stressing out in the kitchen or being there for my children. I barely have time to look after my basic needs, let alone go to the gym, and I always feel so guilty when I have to ask people to babysit'... Read More...


María L. Fuentes

Hypnotikadiet Director and Founder

Maria Fuentes runs a busy and successful practice in South London. As a result of her own personal experiences. She trained with great passion in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Matrix Regeneration Therapy, EFT & Matrix re-imprinting with some of the best experts in these fields . She is a member of the CNHC and constantly engages in training to enhance her service to others. She is also the creator of the BAGC6 – The Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence 6 Steps Programme and is part of the well being radio team of Women Today…

Beth Dumonteil


I gained a BSc in Human Sciences from UCL and then converted this to psychology through post-graduate study. However I longed for a practical and effective way to achieve long-lasting changes for clients, and this lead me to studying for a diploma in hypnotherapy from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. I love how the mind has such potential to influence our habits and bodies in positive ways. Hypnotherapy harnesses that power perfectly and it’s a pleasure to see the results it can achieve for clients.

Candice Van Eeden

Nutritionist and Family Lifestyle Adviser

Hi I am Candice I graduated as a holistic nutritional practitioner from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in central London. My own health issue led me to study nutrition, as my change in my diet and mindset greatly improved my health….a great personal achievement. A mostly green diet leaves me feeling energized and enthusiastic for all that life has to offer.

Guillermo V. Rodríguez

Dietitian Degree and Food Science Degree

Dietician and Food Science Degree. Working in Coca-Cola Company (Scientific Department) and Conference Speaker at various Universities in the field of Healthy Habits, Nutritional Education and Food Science. Focusing now in Clinical Diets (weight loss and obesity). If you need to change your habits I’m your Personal Eating Trainer, I will teach you to enjoy food as never before!

Katy Oakes

Trainer & Sport Nutritionist

If you want to tone those bits, loose that weight or just get fitter, Look no further.!!!! I am a fully qualified gym instructor and sports nutritionists. Working with wide range of individuals with very different goals and fitness levels I encourage all my clients to achieve their personal best. I am also qualified in gym based boxing, circuit training and spinning instructor.

Claire Baker

Yoga Instructor

Hello and namaste. I am pleased to be sharing my yoga teaching with you. I have been practising yoga for 14 years, with my focus on the classical style of Hatha yoga. As a qualified teacher, I am registered with the Yoga Alliance. I studied to be a teacher in Mysore in India, the spiritual home of yoga globally. As well as in India, I have practised yoga extensively with inspiring teachers in my home city of London in the UK, and in Spain, Thailand, Australia and other countries.

Susana Sánchez

Psychologist & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

I am a qualified psychologist and an instructor of kundalini yoga. I have been working in Human Resources for about ten years but have always felt attracted to the spiritual world. One of the things meditation has taught me is that key is inside you to heal emotional problems. You are your own master, your own student, you learn from your self and this is a wonderful way to lead your life.

Michael Burke

Tai Chi Instructor

Michael has studied Tai Chi since 1999 and Shaolin Kung Fu since 2009 and has developed a deep understanding of how these traditional Chinese exercises can improve health, happiness and longevity. And, he is a keen Yoga and Pilates practitioner for over ten years.