Self hypnosis is a relative of hypnosis. It simply replaces a hypnotherapist or other qualified individual with the client. In other words, the hypnotist is also the client. Self hypnosis, like hypnosis, is tool of self discovery and awareness. It is a means through which anyone can access the subconscious mind. You do so deliberately with the intent to alter the current pattern of thought held by the subconscious. In doing so, you begin to lay the groundwork for change.

The Purpose of Self Hypnosis

The purpose of Self hypnosis varies in accordance with the individual’s needs. The basic function of this technique is to help an individual reach deep down into his or her subconscious. In doing so, you can retrain it to reflect and embrace what you wish to accomplish.

Reasons for self Hypnosis

The following listed below are some of the reason why you should practice self Hypnosis;

  • Self-hypnosis may be used to Manage Stress

Stress according to studies can cause different diseases such as increase blood sugar and blood pressure. Managing stress effectively with good rest and self-hypnosis will also improve one’s health. Self-hypnosis can calm the internal organs like the heart which will decrease the heart rate and blood pressure.

  • Self-hypnosis may improve Sleep Disorders

More and more people suffer from insomnia. Aside from medications, self-hypnosis is effective in inducing sleep. The calming effect of the self-hypnosis technique can improve insomnia.

  • Self-hypnosis may be used to Lose Weight

With obesity reaching the epidemic state in the world, the danger of its complications to one’s health is very alarming. By using self-hypnosis, the cravings for fatty and sweet foods will be lessened. It will also accelerate the will to do exercise and other physical activities. The same mechanism of targeting release of neurochemicals from the brain is the accepted mechanism.

  • Self-Hypnosis may be used to Quit Smoking

To quit smoking is the most difficult among all vices. It is much easier to stop drinking alcohol than to quit smoking. This is due to the hundred of addictive chemicals in tobacco that causes withdrawal syndromes whenever a smoker starts quitting. Self-hypnosis will reprogram the mind and through continuous sessions will eventually make a smoker quit easier.

  • Self-hypnosis may be used in Releasing Pain

Pain medicine may cause serious side-effects like gastric ulcers, drowsiness, addiction etc. By using self-hypnosis, we can alleviate chronic pain from different medical conditions. Self-hypnosis can be used in chronic pain in cancer patients. The proposed mechanism is that the natural pain killers in our body such as endorphins are released from our brain when we do self-hypnosis.

  • Self-hypnosis can Heal our Body and Mind

As stated, self-hypnosis can calm the mind and spirit. This will relax our body and mind and is very effective in dealing with stress. Stress when taken out of our body could improve our immune system and accelerate healing.

  • Self-hypnosis may be used in Dealing with Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias are human limitations that must be dealt. Self-hypnosis encouraging self confidence could change our attitude towards our fears and phobias. The reprogramming of the mind is the key concept on the effectiveness of self-hypnosis in dealing with fears and phobias.


Listening to this Self Hypnosis Mp3 and learn how to go into a trance state easily and give yourself short and powerful suggestions, that will help you for the rest of your life. This is a powerful tool, but practice is needed. Listen to the Mp3 once and then implement the instructions after you finish your Mp3. Ten minutes daily practice is perfect. The depthness of trance will improve as you practice.

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