Nutritionist and Family Lifestyle Adviser

Hi I am Candice I graduated as a holistic nutritional practitioner from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in central London. My own health issue led me to study nutrition, as my change in my diet and mindset greatly improved my health….a great personal achievement. A mostly green diet leaves me feeling energized and enthusiastic for all that life has to offer.

 My passion is making Green Smoothies in order to alkalise the body. An alkalised body is a body where disease fears to tread! They are tasty and FUN for the whole family to participate in. I run group orientated workshops on practical ways of improving your health naturpathically, such as green smoothie making and speak about interesting topics like what Superfoods are and I will tell you some interesting facts about the nutritional content of food that will delight you!I worked as a child-carer for a period of 6 years and noticed first hand at how important me being a good example of eating a varied diet is for little ones, giving them an understanding of why nutritionally dense foods are important to their health encourages them to make healthy food choices. Healthy food is fun, if it is something they can participate in the making of freshly prepared juices, smoothies and home made snacks.


For those of you who are not familiar with naturopathic priciples, it is based on the body being supported in various ways of nutritional support and other therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractor may allow the body to self-heal or self- corrected. A case taking booking is essential to spend time with the client to allow the root cause of the body’s dysfunction to be identified and treated. Naturopathic principle is first and formost holistic, the person is treated as a whole, taking into consideration all aspects of their life, and realistic achievable goals set in place to restore you to be your best mentally and physically. Poor/malnutrition can alter a person’s mental health.

Green Smoothie Science was inspired by my love and ease of fast nutrient dense nutrition, I would like to share my passion with you and encourage you to take your health into your own hands and in turn feel better and more at home in the beautiful body that you have, so that it will carry you into old age with strength and grace.

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