Hypnotikadiet Director and Founder

Maria Fuentes runs a busy and successful practice in South London. As a result of her own personal experiences.

She trained with great passion  in Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR, Matrix Regeneration Therapy, EFT & Matrix re-imprinting with some of the best experts in these fields .   She is a member of the CNHC and constantly engages in training to enhance her service to others.

She is also the creator of the BAGC6 – The Beat Anxiety & Gain Confidence 6 Steps Programme and is part of the well being radio team of Women Today.

Through the years she has helped clients that suffer from anxiety,  lack of confidence and weight issues among many others.   She herself  lost 17kg using hypnosis and is still working towards her ideal weight. Her personal experiences dealing with weight issues and the constant affluence of clients requesting her services in this field allowed her to develop a successful weight loss programme to help her clients, who very often refer friends and family and who openly share their testimonials on her personal webpage.

She creates this programme for you with the aim of sharing her knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.  Hypnotikadiet comes as a result of the acknowledgement that permanent weight loss can only  be achieved when the mind and body work together.  In view of this Hypnotikadiet brings to your home a team of experts from the fields of Nutrition, Yoga, Fitness and Tai-Chi.  The team keeps expanding…

Hypnotika Diet Plan