Psychologist & Kundalini Yoga Instructor

My name is Susana Sanchez. I am a qualified psychologist and an instructor of kundalini yoga. I have been working in Human Resources for about ten years but have always felt attracted to the spiritual world. I was not really happy with my professional career, I felt something was missing. I read books and did yoga for about 1 year but it wasn´t until I practiced kundalini yoga daily that changes in my personality began to occur. It happened when I was pregnant with my second child and since then, I must say big changes have happened in my inner self, I have learnt to accept my feelings, my sensations, my emotions; the concept of psychology has changed for me completely and since then, from my experience I try to help people to feel better and be happier with their own lives. One of the things meditation has taught me is that key is inside you to heal emotional problems. You are your own master, your own student, you learn from your self and this is a wonderful way to lead your life. We must allow ourselves to have a break and seek therapy in the first phase but all sources and the tools you need to improve mentally and spiritually are within you. If you need any help and feel you must contact me because I am on your path. You deserve happiness. Blessings!!


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