‘I want to be slimmer and healthier without dieting. I have some understanding of what I need to do to stay fit and healthy, and I’m eager to learn more, but I really need to kick the cravings and find better ways to deal with stress before I can move forward. When it comes to putting nutritious meals together, I don’t always feel I get it right, and getting my children to eat fruit and veg can be a bit of a battle too. It’s not like just putting healthy food on their plates always does the trick. I want to enjoy healthy food and I want them to enjoy it too. What I need most is a way to stop bad habits ruining my diet, a way that makes healthy habits natural to me. I want craving control methods that actually work, and nutritional advice which allows me to make better, more informed food choices about what we should eat. It would be really great to get the children involved too, I want to make healthy food fun, because I know how awful it is to struggle with food and weight, and I don’t want them to get trapped the same patterns I have. If only I could find a fun and family-friendly weight loss and craving control method that I can do from home!’

  • You may have similar issues as the Mindful Mummy, you want to enjoy all the resources offered to the Mindful Mummies, but you are also not very clear about the Goodies and the Baddies in regards to Nutrition.
  • You want to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way and Making Good Food attractive to Children with resources that you & them can Enjoy together.
  • You wish your Children could Learn about Nutrition with you, Cooking Healthy and Fun Recipes and using this exercise to create a good and positive bond with them .

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