I want to be slimmer and healthier without dieting. It’s the right time to make changes, inside and out, but I don’t want to count calories and follow a meal plan, I want to take control. I’d love to have the know-how to just whip up tasty, healthy meals in ten minutes, but right now, it feels like a choice between stressing out in the kitchen or being there for my children. I barely have time to look after my basic needs, let alone go to the gym, and I always feel so guilty when I have to ask people to babysit. What I really need is a health and fitness programme that I can do from home, one with nutritional advice and family fitness that gets the children interested too. Willpower and cravings are still a real problem for me, and few weight loss programmes I’ve tried really deal with that. I want to learn techniques that not only make cravings go away, but also make me appreciate the taste of healthy food, so that I never have to be ‘’on a diet’’ I can happily go out for a meal without the fear of eating rubbish. If only I could find a weight loss & craving control programme that tackled all my problems at once without complicating my life.

  • You want to benefit from the full programme and train your mind as well as my body.
  • You do not want to pay a monthly subscription to a gym.
  • May be you want to go to the Gym, but worry about leaving your children to be looked after by someone else or about the ongoing cost of child care.
  • You could have been exercising with a group in the park while your baby is in the pram, but worry about it in the cold winter days or simply you just want extra sessions.
  • Perhaps you would love to join a fitness class together with your children as this would built a strong bond and they would learn good healthy exercising habits, but gyms do not allow it.
  • You do not want to do the same lesson over and over again.

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