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Hypnotika Diet (Lovingly nicknamed ‘HD’) is a wellbeing programme put together by a team of experts designed to modern day life.


  • Video Guidance to help you to follow the programme step by step. Fitting in the programme even in the busiest days is easy.
  • Weight & Mind Retraining Programme (14 Sessions of Clinical Hypnotherapy in Audio, Motivational Speeches & NLP Videos) Streaming
  • Behavioural Change Tracking System
  • Food Tracking System
  • Nutrition Educational Sessions and Videos (14 Sessions – Also available in streamed audio)
  • Hundreds of Recipes and Cooking Tips
  • 36 Fitness, Yoga and Tai Chi Videos
  • 9 Specialized Fitness Videos for the Obese, Asthmatic and Arthritic clients


  • KYPNOTIKAKIDS (Games, Comics, Certificates and Audio tales)
  • Aversion Therapy Video Sessions
  • SPECIAL FREE BONUS: 70 + Videos & Benefits of your favourite Asanas in your Yoga Library.



Limited Offer




I am writing because this programme has changed my life for the better in a very short space of time. I have always struggled to lose weight and a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Diabetes…



It has been a few months since I started my weight loss and during that time I lost someone very close to me. It is during times like these that I would eat anything and everything in sight, as I always had been an emotional eater. ….


The sessions created a radical changed in my life.I thought I was never going to be able to change, since I had tried other methods before. The programme helped me to change and feel in charge of my life again, full of enthusiasm and will power….


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